I am a samurai cricketer


On our Youtube channel, we explain rules of cricket, how we popularize cricket in Japan, and the challenges overseas.

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With gratitude to baseball which raised me up , and to the fans who have been supporting me, we show all of the \"baseball improvement methods\" that I can convey.

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Not only do we want to reveal the “behind the scenes” of his activities as a cricket player and popularizing cricket, but also we want to plan and create something new such as events together! It’s an online community launched with such thoughts in mind. Unfortunately, limited to those who can communicate in Japanese at the moment.

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– It’s not a dream but a new possibility for Japan –

Former professional baseball player Shogo Kimura will challenge the Indian Premier League (IPL), the world’s highest professional league of cricket, to become the first Japanese IPL player.
This challenge has the potential to open up a second career for not only professional baseball players but also amateur players who have abandoned baseball.
While playing a role in popularizing cricket in Japan, it`s challenging to open a new path with the responsibility as the first cricket challenger who played in Nippon Professional Baseball Organization(NPB) .


For the second time Kimura goes to Sri Lanka, one of the world\'s leading cricket countries.

Stepping into the international professional league as the first ever Japanese cricketer, starting from February 2021, Kimura has registered as a player in one of the strongest teams of Sri Lanka, The Singhalese Sports Club (SSC).
Using this opportunity as a stepping stone , from the latter half of 2021, he will challenge the Indian cricket professional league, India Premier League (IPL). If he signs a contract with IPL, he will be the first Japanese player and also the world\'s first player to transform from a former professional baseball player.

※With the world famous cricketer, Lasith Malinga