Sri Lanka


クリケットの世界最高峰プロリーグであるインディアン・プレミアリーグのプレーヤーとなるべく、スリランカのクラブチーム「The Singhalese Sports Club (SSC)」にて挑戦中。

▼ The Singhalese Sports Club (SSC)
​ ※歴代のスリランカ代表選手も多く輩出している1899年創設の老舗クラブ

▼ YouTubeチャンネルはこちら。

Hello! I’m Shogo Kimura! We are currently trying to become the first Japanese IPL (Indian Premier League, the world’s highest professional cricket professional league) player. With a sense of responsibility and appreciation for baseball as a challenger, I hope this challenge will open up a second career for not only professional baseball players but also amateurs who have abandoned baseball and play a role in spreading cricket. I’m glad if you can send my cricket splendor and my challenge to as many people as possible through YouTube! Thank you for subscribing and rating!

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